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About The Conference

The BRAIN Foundation is excited to announce the 5th year of Synchrony. Synchrony is the first and only international symposium on translational research in autism, that brings together academia, biotech, pharmaceutical companies and venture partners from around the world with the mission to improve health and quality of life of people with autism.
Come learn about the latest in basic and translational research and the opportunities being pursued by biotech and pharmaceutical companies for the development of FDA-approved therapeutics for autism.
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Understanding ASD through animal models, tissue cultures and organoids

Treatments in the FDA pipeline undergoing clinical trials

Biotech startups and pharmaceutical companies: Novel ASD therapeutics

Meet Our Community

100+ Researcher Participants

10 BRAIN Foundation Principal Investigators Funded

$1 Million+ in Research Grants Facilitated

150+ Physicians

Keynote and Research / Poster Presentations

Presentations by selected researchers on new cutting-edge topics in basic science and translational research. Proposals for future studies, or results from ongoing studies may be presented. Awards for Most Innovative and Most Impactful research will be presented. 

Research updates by BRAIN Principal Investigators

Researchers funded by the BRAIN Foundation will present their proposals and research updates.

Physicians Education

Physician education track will include talks to disseminate valuable clinical information, treatment studies, and translational research.

Industry Scientific Presentations Track

Industry Presentations including novel therapeutics and scientific data from industry leaders on track for FDA approval.


NeuroInflammation in ASD

The roundtable will discuss the case of relapsing-remitting neuropsychiatric and other symptoms in adolescents/adults with ASD diagnosis. Case studies will be presented, and the working group’s roadmap to develop a case for diagnosis and treatment (with existing medications) in this subgroup will be discussed.

Participants: Stanford, UC Davis, Wake Forest, and a number of physicians and parents

Regulatory Avenues & Strategies Supporting Development of FDA-Approved Medical Interventions to Help Individuals with ASD & other Neurodevelopmental Conditions

Chair: Gabriel Belfort, MD, PhD

Participants: Vice President, Clinical Development Sciences, Axial Therapeutics Inc.

Biomarkers in ASD

A discussion to further the discovery of biomarkers for core symptoms and comorbidities affecting those with ASD diagnosis. Biomarker discovery has largely focussed on diagnosis; we will further the conversation on possible biomarkers to measure treatment response, which will accelerate the discovery of novel and effective therapeutics. 

Chair: John Slattery, CEO, BioRosa Technologies.

Participants: UC Davis, Stanford, Wake Forest, BioROSA, and other industry participants.


This roundtable will discuss seizures in ASD with an emphasis on adolescents and adults. The discussion will include preventive diagnostics, treatments and evidence, and case studies.

Chair: Dr. Richard Frye, MD, PhD, Director of Research at Rossignol Medical Center


Included in this conference is an outdoor networking and socializing opportunity for speakers to stimulate new connections and ideas in a picturesque setting in Livermore Wine Country, East Bay, California.

Synchrony gives you access to:

  • Presentation recordings of all Synchrony 2023 sessions and slides
  • Opportunity to have questions answered by speakers on a priority basis
  • Annual membership for BRAIN Foundation that offers:
    • Free access to additional webinars, presentations and Q&A by scientists, clinicians, industry leaders organized by BRAIN over the next 12 months
    • Notification about upcoming BRAIN funded clinical trials and opportunity to enroll as participants
    • Access to registry and health passport to enable participation in clinical trials and treatment studies
    • Discounts on services related to medical care (e.g., tests kits)
    • Information about cutting-edge science, resources and therapeutics through our newsletter (opt-out available)


  • The venue, people and events were top-notch. If they do it again, I would highly encourage those interested in learning first-hand about emerging autism research and clinical trials to attend this valuable event.

    John Rodakis
    Founder, N of One
  • Synchrony 2019 facilitated collaboration between researchers, clinicians and parent advocates on complex autism related issues that can only be fully answered through multidisciplinary collaboration.

    A leading UK Autism Charity


Asilomar Conference Grounds

800 Asilomar Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950